Posted by: catindiaonline | June 26, 2009

CAT India Online: Mantra 2009

CAT India Online 2008 Achievements

Your support and patronization of CIO is a constant source of motivation for us.

Our heartiest thanks to all for that!.

· More than 21000 registered users and 80,000 tests taken

· Highest Degree of Similarity in Our Tests & CAT’08.

o All 4 topics of RC in CAT 2008 covered in mocks

o All 4 Verbal section questions administered multiple times in mocks

o Quantitative section (8 out of 25 questions matched) and DI sections.

§ CAT 2008 Q19, Set 111: Two circles, both of radii 1 cm, intersect such that the circumference of each one passes through the centre of the circle of the other. What is the area (in sq cm) of the intersecting region?

§ CIO’s Guess Paper Q21: The distance between the centers of two circles is equal to r. The circles have equal radii of r. The overlapping area of the two circles will be:

· More than 600 selected for IIMs and thousands for other premier institutes. Following is a partial list of toppers those who made us proud and who believe CIO has helped them in their success.

Top 10 CAT India Online users in 2008


CAT’08 percentile

Varun Garg


Shivesh Agarwal


Sujith Subramanyam


Madhavan K


Vinkesh Singh


Swati kalra


Vijay Motwani


Shouvik Das


Pariwesh Gupta


Yogeshwar Pandey


CAT 2009 goes online! Are you prepared?

This will completely change the rules of the game. You need new skills, new paradigms and new Preparation Plan! Not just any plan but a personalized, tailored and unique plan focused on you – your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats.

CIO Prep Plan Highlights:

  • Maximize your performance in CAT 2009 by following 4 phase practice cycle.
    Phase 1: Build on your strengths
    Phase 2: Sharpen your areas of improvements
    Phase 3: Give some time to weak topics
    Phase 4: Go back to Practice, Practice and a little more practice
  • 80+ Practice Tests cover 220+ concepts of all probable question types
  • 15 Mock Tests based on deep analysis of last 25 years of CAT patterns
  • 8 Prevoius Years CAT Papers
  • Analysis framework: Instant percentile, Analyze performance across questions, topics and sections, compare with others. Track improvement over tests.
  • Recommendations framework: Precise actionable recommendations will help you improve test and test during your preparation.

Register FREE!


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