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CAT India Online: Free CAT 2009 Prep Plan

CAT India Online brings Free CAT 2009 Prep Plan

Take Diagnostic Test

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” – sounds cliched? But the reality of life is that all great truths are cliched, otherwise why will they be cliched in the first place. That is why, CIO offers not simply online tests but it offers a complete preparation plan for you. Our academic team experts, most of them have aced CAT themselves have painstakingly prepared this plan to help you reach maximum potential by leveraging our platform. Our experts contend that an end-to-end implementation of this plan will ensure you more than 98%ile in CAT 2009. Whether you are aiming for top MBA colleges or second tier MBA institutes, we strongly recommend you to follow this plan ardently and till the last step because you deserve the best. We know that we can succeed only if you succeed and therefore, we are committed to help you achieve the very best for yourself and in the process the very best for ourselves.

Phase 1: Build on your topics of strength: Duration 1 month

Take our diagnostic test to assess your current level. The diagnostic test has been specially designed to figure out your areas of strengths and weaknesses. This is not a mock test and its question level is lower than that of actual CAT. This test will help you categorize most of the topics of CAT in 3 categories as per your competency level in each of them. Your current competency level will play a critical role in your preparation plan that in turn will ensure maximization of your CAT 2009 percentile. After the diagnostic test you should obtain a table like this:

The diagnostic mock test is designed to help you in clear cut identification of your proficiency level in various topics. However, it is possible that your performance does not adhere to a clear cut categorization. In that case contact our counseling experts to help you categorize your topics in right level of proficiency. Now, prepare for a month the topics of high proficiency as per this identification using course material of your choice. Now take 3 easy practice tests in these topics. You should obtain at least 70% marks Read more ..

Phase 2: Step up on the topics that need improvement: Duration 1 months

Take two mocks released during previous phase after completing phase 1. Ensure that you get more than 60% in all your topics of high proficiency in these tests. Re-categorize your topics in the three categories of varying level of proficiency. This should not change much as you have not started working Read more ..

Phase 3: Cover untouched/weak topics: Duration 1 month

In this phase, spend equal amount of time on all topics of low proficiency. After finishing each topic take easy tests. You should get more than 60% accuracy in these easy tests. Now, take half to two-third medium level tests. If you get more than 50% in these, then go ahead and take one difficult level test in each topic. You should be able to get more than 40% in difficult tests. Now, identify those topics among topics of low proficiency in which you have crossed the requirements for medium or high proficiency. Push these topics in those categories. Conversely, identify those topics of low proficiency, in which you did not satisfy the thresholds for topics of medium proficiency, these are the topics which you should not spend too much of time on in actual CAT. Now, write all the mock tests released thus far and ensure that you score in each type of topic as per your proficiency level in that topic. Your final percentile in CAT will depend upon the %age of topics in different proficiency level now. You should aim to have more than 30% topics in high and 40% in medium proficiency categories and not more than 30% in low proficiency category. This distribution will ensure you more than 98%ile in CAT 2009. However, having said this, we all know that in a tough competitive exam like CAT it all depends on your performance level on the final day. So, do whatever it takes to ensure that you give you best shot on the day of CAT. Read more ..

Final Phase: Go back to Practice, Practice and a little more practice: Duration 1 month

Now, practice! And remember that practice does not make a man perfect, only perfect practice makes a man perfect. So, PRACTICE PERFECTLY!! And that means that

  • Write all mock CATs at the same time at which you expect to write the real CAT exam: Do not take tests at odd times such as mid-nights or early mornings. You may be able to perform better at these hours because that fits your body rhythm better. However, you finally have to write CAT at a pre-designated hour of the day. So, attune your body and mind to that duration of the day.
  • Write all mock tests completely in one sitting:Do not leave a test in the middle because of fatigue. You may feel tired or otherwise less inclined to complete a test. But do NOT leave it in the middle, persevere and complete the test. This helps you evaluate yourself in worst cases. And remember – think of the best but be prepared for the worst! Instances like these help you prepare for the worst.
  • Analyze your scores immediately after completing the test:Do not ever delay a thorough analysis of a mock CAT for more than half an hour after taking the test. You should do this so that you are able to find out your grey areas, silly mistakes that you do immediately and they register for long in you mind, so that you don’t repeat them in the actual CAT.

Now you should take and exhaust all remaining practice tests, previous years CAT papers and mock CATs of CIO as they are released. Take previous year’s CAT papers and mock CATs ensuring that:

  • For topics in high and medium proficiency levels you maintain your attempt and accuracy %age at values higher than the specified values in the table above.
  • You develop ability to quickly recognize questions from topics of low proficiency and be able to decide whether or not to attempt it.


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