Posted by: catindiaonline | March 24, 2009

CAT India Online: A time to look back and a time to look forward…

Time to look foward

Time to look forward

Dear CAT India Online (CIO) Users,

With dusts settling down on CAT 2008 we all have our eyes perched on the next goals, next milestones. Some of you reading this mail have already packed their bags to start a new phase of their life in their coveted campuses. We wish you all luck and success in your new journey! To those who decided to not give up their MBA dream for their most coveted institutes, I would like to say that if one has a dream then he/she must chase it and you are doing precisely that! So, we at CIO are very proud of you and we are sure that all of you who are willing to work hard will certainly see your dreams come true. And finally to those, who are coming aboard for the first time, I would like to say that you are in for one of the most exhilarating and rewarding journey of your life!

Your support and patronization of CIO is a constant source of motivation for us. Our heartiest thanks to all for that! When we look back and reflect, we have to say that we could not have asked for more in the very first year of our launch. Some of our salient achievements this year are the following:

  • more than 21000 registered users, 400,000 page views and 80,000 tests taken
  • Only test preparation site to predict a 90 question paper
  • Verbal passages in our 8 mock CATs covered all 4 topics of CAT 2008 including various question types
  • All 4 other types of Verbal section questions: paragraph completion and usage (correct/incorrect usage of words, fill in the blanks and sentence correction) were administered multiple times in our mock tests.
    • CAT 2008 Q19, Set 111: Two circles, both of radii 1 cm, intersect such that the circumference of each one passes through the centre of the circle of the other. What is the area (in sq cm) of the intersecting region?
    • CIO’s Guess Paper Q21: The distance between the centers of two circles is equal to r. The circles have equal radii of r. The overlapping area of the two circles will be:
  • Very high degree of similarity in questions in Quantitative section (8 out of 25 questions matched) and DI sections. Judge the order of similarity for yourself below:
  • And finally, more than 400 of those going to IIMs and other permier institutes in 2009 have been loyal users of CIO

With all this we believe we are firmly placed as the best online CAT preparation portal. However, this is not the end, this is just a humble beginning and with your continued support we are sure to go miles.

We also believe that our users are our best critics and consultants. Your comments/feedback has amply reveal this fact. They also reveal that you have very high expectations from us for CAT 2009 and we are desperate not only to meet these expectations, but in fact, to surpass them. We also have the highest expectations from all of you and we want CIO to be instrumental in realization of these expectations. Therefore, in order to decide upon our offerings for CAT 2009 we request you to send your feedbacks/comments. Please know that every comment/feedback of yours will be tracked and you will be updated with the progress on your suggestions. So, please take some time off and write back to us about anything and everything that ever came to your mind about CIO.

Further, CAT India Online is now undergoing changes to help you in CAT 2009 preparation with:

  • Premium content for CAT 2009
  • 20 Mock papers and 20 practice tests
  • Discussion forums

All this launching by first week of April 2009!



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