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XAT 2009 Answer Key

XAT 2009 is going to be markedly different from CAT 2008. Therefore, recommends aspirants taking XAT 2009 to familiarize themselves with XAT pattern in advance by taking XAT 2008 paper on their website. The question paper and

XAT 2009 Answer Key and Solution download from HERE.
Recently, CATIndiaOnline was the first one to publish answer keys and solutions of CAT 2008 on the internet. They will be the first again to publish XAT 2009 answer keys and solutions as well. Apart from that they have also put up a percentile calculator for XAT 2009 where aspirants can enter their answer keys and they will informed of their expected percentile in XAT 2009 very soon after the exams are over.
As you must be knowing, XAT (XLRI Admission Test) is the most respected and renowned management test after CAT. XAT scores are used for determining offering admissions to XLRI’s academic programs as well as 60 other management institutes in India. Some of the most notable among these are S. P. Jain, Alliance Business Academy, Goa Institute of Management, VIT Business School, and Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research. Since, XAT is conducted nearly 2 months after CAT, it is the last best shot for many of the MBA aspirants who have not been able to perform well at CAT. Hence, it’s importance for most of the MBA aspirants sans those who have performed well and are confident of getting through with flying colors. team recommends that XAT aspirants must analyze XAT 2008 paper to familiarize themselves with the pattern as well as difficulty level of XAT as it is markedly different from that of CAT. One of the main things that confuses aspirants who have never taken XAT before is the lack of clear cut demarcation among various sections. For example, while CAT sections are named as verbal, quantitative and data interpretation, XAT sections are named as “Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability”, “Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making” and “Verbal and Logical Ability”. Moreover there are questions on ethical decision making which is something that an aspirant does not ever see in CAT or during its preparation. There is also marked difference in the difficulty level. XAT questions are much more simpler than CAT questions. This is the reason the team strongly recommends that aspirants should take XAT 2008 paper and critically analyze its structure to avoid surprises during the exam. The paper as well as the answer key can be directly downloaded from here. Wish you all best of luck for the D-day! Perform well at the exam and stay tuned for more goodies at CATIndiaOnline that helps you in your MBA aspirations.



  1. i think paper was good. quant section was easy.analytical was sitter.

  2. This is very good. If your readers want more GMAT help, I recommend the Official Guide for GMAT Review written by the makers of the actual exam.

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