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Cat 2008 Paper with Solution and Answer key brings to you fastest and the most accurate answer keys and solution helped by 100 percentile scorers to come up with answer keys fastest

CAT 2008 Expected Cut-offs by CAT India Online

Overall 125-129 (out of 360)
Quant 31-33 (out of 100)
DI 27-29 (out of 100)
Verbal 40-42 (out of 160)

Your CAT 2008 Percentile projector!!

Common Admission Test commonly known as CAT is the admission test to get into the prestigious IIM institutes of our country. The CAT 2008 is going to be held all across the country on 16th November 2008. And that will seal the fate of more than 2.5 lakh aspirants in the field of management. All aspirants are geared up for tomorrow’s battle. While some are busy giving last minute brush to their skills and knowledge developed over past few months through rigorous practice and tests. The others have closed their books and notes and are just trying to keep themselves cool and preparing themselves mentally to take the rigors of those 2.5 hours to the best of their ability. To all those folks, I will say what Theodore Tilten said “…even this will pass away!” Just hold on to it steadfastly folks.

However, story does not end with the test for the aspirants. Immediately after the test, everyone is desperately looking forward to the answer keys and solution. – an online portal that has been helping CAT aspirants relentlessly in their quest will be the first one to put the answer keys for all the sets online. The site enjoys a very loyal user base and users who have been consistently scoring near 100 percentiles in various Mock CAT series of CATIndiaOnline as well as those of other coaching institutes have volunteered to help the CATIndiaOnline’s academic team – which itself consists of a 2006 CAT 100 percentile scorer as well as others having more than 99.9 percentiles to come up with the answer keys and solutions fastest before any other coaching classes. The CATIndiaOnline has been very happy with the response of the students and welcomed their services which they maintain will definitely add to accuracy as well as quality of the answer keys and solutions. The site will not offer just the solutions but will also calculate percentiles of all those users who fill in their own answers on the site’s home page. With a high and ever expanding user base, is confident of predicting accurate percentiles for all the aspirants much before the actual results of CAT 2008 will be out on January 09, 2009.

An important aspect of management is time management. So, don’t waste your time anywhere else after the exam. Visit, fill in your answers on the OMR sheet and get your accurate percentile scores as well as detailed answer keys and solutions of all the sets – fastest.

Best of luck!



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  8. i have completed CA & now interesting to CAT Exam i am kindly request to send me a CAT 2008 paper with answer .


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