Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

Why should you crack the CAT?

What is CAT :

Photo 16011 CAT(Common Admission Test) is the gateway to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management. Every year, over 230,000 graduates, post graduates and professionals sweat it out to get admitted to the IIMs. At this point, you are probably thinking that it’s a lot of competition and you are wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, the fuss and the hullabaloo are both justified, since the benefits of graduating with an MBA from an IIM are phenomenal!

Okay. But why should I do an MBA from an IIM?:

MBA graduates from the IIM hit the ground running! They are known for being extremely smart, for being in touch with reality and also for their acute business acumen. All of this doesn’t come on its own. Of course, they are talented, but their training in the IIM, along with their projects and their interaction with industry gurus makes them elite. Moreover, they also derive benefits from their alumni network – which helps them a lot in not only landing jobs, but also raising funds when they start their own companies!
All in all, your stint at an IIM will equip you with all the tools necessary to make a mark in your career, be it in a core domain or be it in something as unrelated as creative writing!
Photo 15926

That sounds interesting. So, what does an IIM have in store for me?:

Life in the IIMs is pretty hectic, with a huge amount of academic load coupled with a wide array of activities at the same time.

Campus Life
The IIMs attract and recruit talented and motivated students. While there exists a heavy academic load, they also have considerable student activities, which include dramatics, music, quizzes, cultural festivals, sports meets and social work and so on. Also, given that the IIMs are institutes of excellence, they have world class infrastructure with top notch facilities for campus residents. In short, life in an IIM is fun and rigorous at the same time.
Industry Exposure
Apart from classroom and project learning, you will also be exposed to internship and exchange programs. Students are often picked up by leading Investment Banks, Consulting Firms, Start-Ups, Software Companies, Asset Management/Private Equity firms and end up with job offers, post the internship. The internships expose you to the corporate environment and also provide you with an invaluable experience of working on “real-time” projects.
The exchange program takes you to a University abroad for one whole term. This experience provides you with international exposure, while giving you the flavor of a different paradigm in learning. As an experience, many IIM grads, quote the exchange program as invaluable.


Placements in the IIMs have always been par excellence with graduates taking prized and plump jobs in firms across the globe. Every year, there are news releases which talk of an IIM graduate landing a VP level position in a major corporate house or landing a 7 figure job in a major bank/private equity firm. While placements are just the beginning of your career, your IIM brand and training take you far ahead. A number of IIM alumni have become successful as bankers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.


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