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What you know and don’t know about IIM-Ahmedabad?

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad – IIMA
IIMA, like any CAT aspirant, was my dream and it’s a dream come true for me to be studying here. Well, it’s not an ordinary blog about CAT in general – it’s not only about the strategy: how to crack CAT and enter this coveted institute? It’s also about how to survive in the institute! Yeah, surviving here is more difficult than clearing CAT! If you don’t believe as any IIMA alumni you know. You won’t get such personal first-hand information from any other blog – I am going to tell the inside story of IIMA, ranging from nightouts to studies. If you have any question or suggest me some topic to write on, drop a message below. For the outsiders view of IIMA, please visit

First, Why IIMA?
Because IIMA is the best business management school in India. Simple! No other degree will offer you such coveted salaries. All questions about salaries and placements – don’t be impatient! I’ll post everything here. Wait for future posts.

Second, Does IIMA teach different from other b-schools?
No! Here they teach basically the same material. But, the teaching pattern is case study based (which I’ll discuss subsequently) and the pressure is enormous here. I’ll discuss about the pressure and how people handle it well to have all the fun and still study.

Third, What are the degrees offered here?
Basically four degrees are offered here.

1. PGP – Post graduate programme in Business Management. It’s the flag-bearer of the institute. It’s a two years diploma (yeah, diploma! But with better value-addition that other MBA degrees). First year is loaded and no time chill – second year is quite chill, because second year CGs don’t count. For details please visit the IIMA page. Batch size was 250 nearly but need to check this year after the new quota regime.

2. PGP-ABM – Post graduate programme in Agribusiness Management. It’s a very good opportunity for the Agri graduates, though now it’s not mandatory for all students to be from agri background. Same 2 years duration as PGP, but in second year pressure is more as they are supposed to learn agribusiness subjects too. First year course work is same as those of PGPs. Only they have a couple of subjects extra. For details, please visit IIMA page. Batch size is 25 currently.

3. FPM – Fellow Programme in Management. It’s the doctoral programme. Earlier it used to be equivalent to doctorate, now it’s full fledged doctoral programme of 4 1/2 years duration. First year course work is the same as PGPs, with two subjects extra. From second year onwards, the FPM courses primarily aimed at reasearch starts. Stipend is Rs. 12,000 per month with a contingency grant of Rs. 100,000. Eligibility is a 4 years bachelors degree or Masters for non-technical degrees. Details are available at IIMA page. There is no batch size, in general 20-25 students are granted admission each year.

4. PGP-X – One Year Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Executives. As the name denotes, it’s a one year programme. Mainly software engineers are the participants in the first batch. The participants are provided with a really good residence (AC, TV, refrigerator, etc.). Details can be found here. This year total 60 students (who are mid-career executives) were admitted but the number of seats are supposed to increase soon.

The latest programme to be launched next term is the PGP-PMP: One-Year Post Graduate Programme in Public Management and Policy. It seems to be primarily aimed at the IAS/State service commission officers. Details about the students’ profile will be known only when the first batch arrives.

These apart, a number of management development programmes are offered here. I can get the details if the readers want and post it here.

For rest go to CAT India Online’s CATclub



  1. hi ,
    i am planning to do MBA .i dont have any knowledge on CAT or the preceeding steps. How to start preparing ? what i have to do , if i have to crack CAT and join IIMS

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