Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

What is critical reasoning?

What is critical reasoning?
In exams such as the CAT or GMAT, you will be tested on how well you understand what you are reading. This is known as critical or logical reasoning. Basically, you’re being tested on your power of logic and your ability to examine statements – you’re on the hunt for hidden assumptions!

What format are these questions?
There are many different types of critical reasoning questions. One possible format is a short paragraph that you are given to read. Based on what you read, you will answer a few questions.

In any of the questions, you need to identify the argument in the reading. Then the critical reasoning questions might ask you to:

  • Find a supporting statement to the argument.
  • Find a statement which counters the argument.
  • Draw the conclusion from the passage.
  • Identify the inference.
  • Identify a parallel argument.
  • Identify an assumption that is implied but not stated.

How on earth do I begin to analyze an argument using ‘critical reasoning’?
Here’s a simple equation to remember:

An argument = conclusion + reasons/evidence

The reasons are proof – they are the pillars which support the roof, or conclusion.

Can you give me an example?

Sure! Read the passage below and answer the question relating to it.

For rest go to CAT India Online’s CATclub


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