Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

Some Kool Verbal Rules

Junta I have compiled some rules for verbal, hopes its useful. Let me know if you love it.

· Hope to / hope for: one can hope to do something / one can hope for something to happen or for a thing

· Exchange for is correct Idiom not exchange with

· Afflicted with

· Is likely to be is more idiomatic than will likely be or should likely be

· asked that is an idiomatic expression

· when comparing to different aspects, other is used to refer to second on not another

· Among should be used in discussion about three or more people or groups. Where there are two then between … and should be used.

· Although is a very good tool to set up a contrast. It introduces subordinate clauses – ie. With subjects as well as verbs

· Participial beginning of the sentence in case of modifiers should modify the subject in the main clause. Participial beginning mean start of sentence by a verb participial such as delighted, highlighted etc. gerunds another participial form can also function as noun thus necessary to check it out first.

· Such as nearly always means example in GMAT

· if past perfect has been used in a sentence then there should also be a clause that uses past in the sentence, if not then past perfect should be converted to past. The rule is broken only in case of IF THEN construction as detailed below – past perfect is mostly commonly used tense in GMAT.

· Have/has had or had had are correct grammatical constructions. These sentence modify the very to have. In case of former, first has/ have signals the tense and latter is the to have past perfect tense of to have verb. Similarly for the latter one.

· If then clause

If clause

Then clause


Will + base verb


Would/could + Base verb

Past perfect

Would/could + have + past participle

Conditional clauses would / could should not appear in IF clause

· Subjective moods which express hopes, desires and requests followed by that OR formed by IF clause – where IF clause expresses a condition contrary to reality were is used even if the subject is singular

If I were rich, I would

Subjunctive mood uses the “be + verb” form :

subjunctive mood

For rest go to CAT India Online’s CATclub



  1. can u pleas send me some more cat related stuff

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