Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

How to build VOCABULARY?

Q. What is Vocabulary?
A. Technically speaking Vocabulary is Study of meaning of different words. Though

  • Some people directly relate it with understanding of a particular language.
  • And most of us relate it with getting good percentile in verbal section. 😉

Q. How to deal with words?
A. To learn something you must know about that thing. Words are divided in broadly three parts.

1 – Words with roots: These are the words that have there root, generally from Latin/Greek words. These are the words that are easiest to deal with, once you know about their root word. Root could be anything like ‘EGO’ means ‘I’ and is used in different words like

  • Egoist – self-centred person
  • Egotist- one likes to talk about himself

2- Words with common field: As the name suggests, these are the words that have their ground in some particular field and known as terminology. The field could be anything like Science, Business etc.

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