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CR notes : CAT 2008


I have compiled these notes from different places… for CR. Do give your feedback on it.


Critical reasoning question essentially is of the following structure

(Assumptions) + Premises = Conclusion

Assumptions are unstated, but necessary to complete the argument.

First step should be to recognize the conclusion.

  1. basis the conclusion indicating words
  2. basis the overall meaning
  3. conclusion may also be stated in the stem
  4. there might also be a minor conclusion in the passage given. But a major one given in the question which would be the one that has to be proved or unproved

Second step is to construct the inter-relations between all the premises and conclusions given in the question

The various types of questions that are asked as follows

  1. Find the assumption

The assumption that will be selected should be

    1. Closely tied to conclusion
    2. Support of strengthen the conclusion

The assumption may be any one of the following

a. Assumptions will serve to fill the gap for achieving the conclusion

b. Assumption can establish the feasibility of the premises of the argument

c. Argument will eliminate the alternative options that are available

d. Argument will eliminate the alternate models of causation

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