Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

CAT Verbal: Words Confused and Misused # 1

Commonly confused and misused – ‘A’ Words

In this section we will discuss some pairs or groups of words that are similar enough to be confused with one another. Learn exactly what each word means, how to spell it and use it exactly.

Accesary V/S Accessory

Accessary: A helper in any act, especially in a crime.

Accessory: Additional products, Spares.Say, Fashion Accessories.

Photo 11461 Photo 11472

Accept V/S Except

Photo 11477
Accept is a verb that means to receive willingly.

Except is a preposition that means “but” or “with the exception of.”
Photo 11484

Usage: vishal, please accept our invitation to attend the marriage.Everyone from our group, except you, are already confirm.
means to insist VIshal to get agree to attend the marriage as everyone other than him is already accepted the invitation.

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