Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

CAT Verbal Section – A must read


Being in touch with competitive tests like – CAT, GMAT, etc. from last 4-5 years, my experience says:

When you talk about CAT, One of the most Often repeated question that is asked by students is:-

“How can I improve my Scores in Verbal Section?”

The answer to this question depends on two facts:

  1. The abilities of different levels of students
  2. Time available to develop scores.

Before going any further, lets do little ice-breaking to our clearance relate to Verbal Section. The most commonly asked questions in VA and RC topics can be divided into:

  • Questions testing paragraph level skills: Appropriate word usage questions, facts inference judgment questions and grammatical error questions come under this category.
  • Questions testing Passage level skills: This comprises mainly of reading comprehension.

It’s evident from the above mentioned question types that each of these question types concentrates on testing the aspirant on his/her ability to understand sentences, paragraphs and passages.

Needless to say, no matter how good or bad your Verbal reasoning might be, your focus of preparation has to be on trying to improve your ability to grasp the meanings of sentences, paragraphs and passages on a variety of topics.

Before we start to look at the specific requirements for Verbal Section, we first need to understand the most basic problem for CAT aspirants in the Verbal Section. If you were to ask test takers about how many questions they attempted correctly in test, most of them would be unable to answer. And the things become even absurd when they would be unable to recall the exact number of questions they attempted in Verbal section particularly.

This lack of awareness has much wider impact than many of us assume. This becomes the biggest hurdle for most students in improving their scores. Besides, it also results in creation of huge amounts of uncertainty in minds of test takers and they are not able to realise whether they have done enough in this section. Test takers carry over of this uncertainty to other sections, results in an overlap drop in confidence and ultimately reflects in scores. So, any attempt at improving this your scores in VA & RC has to necessarily work on this issue.

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