Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

CAT Vebal: Specialised Terms # 1

As mentioned in earlier lesson pages that the focus of CAT is to test aspirant’s Verbal. logical and reasoning ability. And after reading this:-

I am asked numerous times, here and on my blog regarding-
How important is vocabulary for CAT’s perspective?

Readers, Test aspirants and even Writers have different views regarding this. Though no one reject the fact that having good vocabulary is beneficial.

I want to make it very clear to all my dear readers that Test doesn’t asks you to answer that you aren’t suppose to know. The most of the vocab stuff is taken from the bank of specialised words that we came across while doing our graduation (either from Science or Commerce or Arts).

So today we will discuss something about these specialised terms only.

Psychology Terms

  1. Abulia: means chronic ability to decide or act independently.

    Abuila or Aboulia refers to a lack of will or initiative.

    The patient is unable to act or make decisions independently.
    It may range in severity from subtle to overwhelming.

  2. Alienation: means state of estrangement from real world.

    In simple words it’s the state of one’s mind when the one’s subject’s split apart from its community, society, or world.

For rest go to CAT India Online’s CATclub


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