Posted by: catindiaonline | October 25, 2008

CAT: PARA JUMBLES 5 sentence type

PARA JUMBLES 5 sentence type

Try to find essential links in ur very first scanning of the statements. You will usually b able to find at least one such link – & that will at least eliminate SOME answer choices – if it doesn’t directly lead to the correct answer choice.

• try to find single links and check with the options. One link might help a lot.
• See what statement hits u ‘first n fastest’ – like our teacher puts it. Use that statement as a base.
• Be careful to read ALL the statements, though don’t worry abt palcing each one.


• Worry abt getting every line in place. Your goal is to reach the destination. The journey isn’t meant to be enjoyed! You can do that on ur way to IIMA.
• Try to necessarily find the opening or closing statement, if you can’t spot it at once.
• Look at the options BEFORE reading the statements.


• Look out for pronouns. “They/theirs/them” “he/his/him” “She/her” etc, things which invariably have to have a subject.
• When an abbreviation is used, the expanded form will usually PRECEDE it.
• Try to connect KEYWORDS – or common words/phrases in two statements.
• Try to hit links – pairs of sentences u know must follow each other.
• Once u’ve read the statements, take a look at the options. They just might help – for example, if all 4 begin with A or end with D, u have at least one statement’s position fixed

Finally, DON’T bother abt putting every statement in its place. If one link is very obvious, just go for it. Of course, keep the other statements in mind – don’t ignore them. Help them to help you – not to hamper your progress. Only very rarely will you be required to put in a lot of time to get EVERY statement where it belongs – n then that ques is best left alone. It’s just a speedbreaker.


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