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CAT: Family Tree fundas

This chapter will introduce you to the proper definitions of common relations, you will learn all the tricks necessary and will also learn how to avoid being tricked, while solving family tree based logical problems.

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The very basics to solve the family tree problems are to know the various relations between the family members. And the actual problem arises when simple relation is defined in a typical way. So to make yourself able to deal with, study the following relations and the manner in which they may be presented.

Some Common Relations


Person having one or both parents in common with another. Sibling can either be:

– Brother
– Sister

First Cousin:

Fist cousins are commonly known as cousin. Can be defined in following ways:

– Child of one’s aunt or uncle.
– A relative descended from a common ancestor, such as a grandparent, by two or more steps in a diverging line.

Second Cousin:

– Child of one’s first cousin.
– Child of a first cousin of one’s parents.


– The father of one’s mother or father is called grandfather/grandpa.
– The mother of one’s mother or father is called grandmother/grandma.

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