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best use of mocks!!

best use of mocks!!

Section I: Introduction

Treat each & every mockcat like a real CAT – with as much seriousness as you would treat CAT. This means that you will divide your time in doing the sections in a manner that you demonstrate your competence in all the sections so as to achieve sectional cut-offs.

You are advised to distribute the total time available to you over various sections as per the “Test taking Strategies” session/note.

Easy Questions:
The way to conquer CAT or any other exam is to identify easy questions and doing these as fast as you can with good accuracy. The other important part is to leave most of the difficult questions so that in the given two hours, maximum questions can be attempted.

Scanning Skills:
Scanning the paper to identify easy/difficult questions is an important skill that you will need to build, develop and hone with each AIMCAT. A series of 18 tests therefore greatly helps in developing this ability.

You should target an accuracy level of 70-80%, which means that out of every 20 questions attempted by you, at least 14 questions should be right.

Section II: How do I get more out of MOCKCATs

This section deals with what you should do after you take the MOCKCATs (and before you get to know your percentile scores and rank).


1. To get the best out of MOCKCATs, please budget at least 6-8 hours for a thorough analysis which is essential to get full learning out of the same. A number of students mistakenly focus more on taking a large number of tests without rigorous analysis of the test they take. Remember, test-taking without proper analysis is like eating without digestion.

2. While taking the mockcat, please ensure that you mark in your test booklet, each question/option attempted by you.

3. After the mockcat is over, please DO NOT look at key/solutions to check your marks. Instead, freshen up, relax a bit and get ready for a few marathon sessions.

4. Please take each stage as seriously as you would take actual CAT.

5. Results in each stage should be tabulated as given in annexure.

Stage 1

In the first stage, please attempt those questions in the MOCKCATs which you did not attempt earlier. You will need to fix a time period for stage 1.

This time period can be arrived at as below:

a) Suppose total Questions in MOCKCATs : 150 ( 100% )
b) Questions attempted : 60 ( 40% ) in two hours
c) Balance Questions : 90
d) Time period fixed for stage 1 to attempt 90 Questions: 3 hours ( this is calculated using student’s speed )

On the other hand, if the number of questions attempted was 90 then:
a) Balance Questions : 60
b) Time period fixed for stage 1 to attempt 60 questions : 80 minutes

Actual time you should fix will be more than what you calculate as above since the questions that you left out will be more difficult/time-consuming than the questions that you attempted in the exam. Hence, budget for about 20-30 minutes more than what you calculate as above.

After fixing the time period, you should now attempt the un-attempted questions in that time period by using an alarm clock.

After stage 1, you may have still left some questions un-attempted.


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