Posted by: catindiaonline | October 16, 2008

Download CAT Mocks papers and Notes of IIM Toppers

Hi Guys,

We are happy to share that we have got a very encouraging response in the short time span of 2 months. We have got thousands of feedbacks on how CAT India Online is helping CAT aspirants and what else we can do to add value to your MBA preparation. We realize that most of you need a place to share notes, problems, strategies and advices from top Gurus and “CAT Club” is the solution.

Five reasons to cheer up with CAT India Online’s CAT club:
1. CAT Gurus: Get tips & tricks from top Gurus of IIMs.
2. Notes: Share notes and Mock papers for all MBA examinations.
3. Library: More than 50 e-books and video’s help full for MBA aspirants.
4. MBA Exams: A place for you to share information related to MBA examinations.
5. Simple, Neat and easily searchable content with our cool search technology.

Explore the world of MBA now:

Warm Regards,
CAT India Online Team



  1. is there any website or link through which we can get last ten years questions papers

  2. actually i am not fluent in english(speaking-grammar).but in mathematics i can do my best.
    how can i improve my mark in english part.
    can i get better cat cut off(iim)?
    is 8 months enough for me to carck cat.
    anticipating a batter reply.

  3. i mean better reply.

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