Posted by: catindiaonline | September 25, 2008

Accuracy Vs Speed: Views From three 100 percentiles

Hi all,
We interviewed three students last night who cracked 100 percentiles in their CAT last year. None of us who run the blog never scored 100 percentile! So, it was a learning experience for us too – who thinks about CAT when everything is over. Even if we are in the same batch, we never discussed about it earlier!

Amazingly we found strange similarities between the three:

1. Amazing time management skills: All of them had a plan in mind – a time limit for each and every section – most importantly they stuck to the plan! In two hours exam they divided their time to three sections meticulously. One guy, for example, was very good in the quants part. He gave himself 10 minutes extra there to answer more than other sections – playing to the strong point!

2. Skills to pick up the easier ones: Their rigorous practice sessions enabled them to choose the easy kills and not even attempt the difficult ones. Thereby, they could save valuable time and answer more questions.

3. They answered over 75 questions: The way they picked up the easier ones enabled them to answer more than 75 questions. They went for speed; they had the confidence the answers will be accurate.

4. Deciding which one to attempt and what not on the first glance itself: If the question seemed easy at the first glance, they answered; otherwise they skipped! Never even bothered to take a second look at it. Thus, they could answer 10-15 more than rest of the candidates.

To build this use CAT India Online Analytics
I hope this piece will be useful to you. I’ll keep adding more.


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