Posted by: catindiaonline | September 12, 2008

Journey of a CAT aspirant…..

CAT India Online

CAT India Online

Fresh out of engg. college with a degree in hand, beautiful memories of four years in eyes and a job in pocket(though the pocket felt a bit light as compared to some of my friend’s ) I made an important decision of my life (which still haunts me with some mixed feelings) that I will appear for CAT. As every one of us encountered or realized, that mind always wants a logical reasoning to every action that it takes, so did mine. The reasoning behind my decisionwere , First of all I wanted to earn a better, fat salary than my friends, second IIM degree will add more value to my credentials, third since I have got 95.95 percentile last time(as most of my friends were going for it so did I, though they utilized least energy behind it, I did give some more than them) without much effort, I will clear the next one if I put some genuine effort and….(list goes on till I was satisfied that I should go for it)
Now the next step and the most vital one was to convince my parents. As every individual’s parents (especially from middle class) want their son to join a job (after four years of engg. study………hmmm study …..Did I?) and support them, be their backbone so that they can pass on a part of their responsibility to him and relax a bit, so did my parents. But when I exploded the news (believe me they almost fainted) to them that my game plan was something more extravagant (It was, as they have to support me financially for one more year) they went into a state of shock. Again I utilized(or mis-utilized) my shrewd brain to make them understand that one year of preparation followed by two years of study I will earn thrice as more as I would have if I joined this pathetic job(I felt about it at that point of time),though I was not sure myself. Followed by this I gave them several theories and figures as to how it will help my career….blah blah and continued my effort relentlessly, till they agreed and I felt mission accomplished and all set to start my prep. for CAT.

First mistake that I did, which any CAT aspirant should not do, is to realize the fact that getting into IIM’s or any other premier B’schools doesn’t mean big salaries or addition of credentials, you can have them without going there. One should realize self’s interest and passion and be sure what he wants to achieve after two years of study in a B school. After four years of engg. and 22 years, I was still unclear as to what exactly I want to achieve going there. Is it for the fact that I want to prove my friends I should have got a better job than them? Or is it for fact that I wanted for big bucks? Or it was just that the fashion of a MBA degree was in? To be honest I am not sure till now whether it was one of them or a combination of all or I was simply crazy

(to be continued)


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